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Can You Hang A Punching Bag In Your Apartment?

March 29, 2020 Sami 0

You don’t need to be a professional boxer to use a punching bag. This type of exercise equipment is actually ideal for all those who want to build strength while also enjoying a good cardio workout. Installing a best punching bag for apartment is a great idea to exercise whenever you want, without the need for going to a gym. However, the biggest question is whether you can hang such a heavy training bag in your apartment without the risk of destroying the ceiling or the walls.

The first thing to do is to decide where the bag will go. You’ll need space around it, so you’ll probably have to install it in the middle of a room. According to most people, you should be able to freely move around the bag. Placing the punching bag too close to a wall may result in it rebounding off this wall and hitting you in the face.

There are two methods of hanging a punching bag: to the ceiling or on a wall mount. If you choose the hanging option, you have to ensure you find a very strong support beam. Think about the fact that this beam should be able to take the weight of the equipment itself, as well as the impact resulting from the swing.

wall mount punching bag for apartment

In order to find this support beam, you should knock along the ceiling, searching for a sound that won’t be hollow. The difference between the sound made by the ceiling area with no support beneath it and the sound made by a wood beam is obvious. If you can’t do this yourself, you should ask a builder or a skilled handyman to help you. Hanging punching bags on ceiling joints or rafters may result in severe damage to your home, so you should avoid it by all means.

Once you find the right support beam, you should drill a hole to place an eyebolt in the desired spot. Start by twisting it with your hand, but finish the job by tightening the eyebolt with a wrench. Keep in mind that hooks aren’t suitable for hanging this type of equipment. As you punch your bag, it will fall off the hook. This is why eyebolts are much better.

punching bag for apartmentThere’s also the alternative option to hang your punching bag with a stand. Such mounts are widely available and fairly inexpensive. Nevertheless, you’ll still need to make sure the wood beam that will support the mount and the bag is strong enough to cope with all these.

As you can see, hanging a punching bag at home or in your apartment is possible, even though it requires some careful considerations and a bit of work.

If you don’t trust your DIY skills, or if there’s no way of hanging the bag from the ceiling, you should probably buy a free stand. The good thing about this solution is that not installation is required, so you only need your equipment and the stand to start exercising at home like a pro.